6 Best Cities to Live in Delta State

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Delta state is an oil-rich state located in the south-south region of the country. It is the state leading in renewable energy as well as oil production with a GDP of $16.75 billion making it the third richest state in Nigeria after Lagos and Rivers state. Delta state is one of the most developed and fascinating states in Nigeria. The most renowned tribes in Delta state are the Urhobos, Itsekiris and Ijaws. There are quite a number of fascinating cities in Delta state.


Whenever in Delta state, these are the best cities to visit and live:

1. Warri City


Warri city is one of the biggest cities in Delta state. Known for oil production and a lot of industrial activities, the socio-economic capital of Delta state has always pushed the frontiers of development in the state. Warri is the happening city in Delta state as it receives a whole lot of attention even more than the Asaba the state capital. The palace of the Olu of Warri, Nama Palace, Effurun Garden park, the Living history museum in Koko, Red Mangrove Swamps, Warri Kingdom Royal Cemetary along with beaches and resorts are the tourist attractions in Warri.


2. Sapele City


Sapele city is one of the most notable cities in Delta state. It was established as a trading village and has one of the major ports in Nigeria. Sapele is a highly commercial city in Delta with industries that process timber, rubber, palm oil as well as furniture and footwear manufacturing among others. West African alcoholic drink usually distilled locally from fermented Raphia palm tree juice, Sapele water is a popular drink in this city. Sapele is the host community to two power generation plants. Although its original indigenes were Urhobos, Sapele is now a mix of Nigerian tribes and other people from different parts of West Africa. Popular Olympic Champion Medalist Blessing Okagbare is a daughter of the Sapele township.

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3. Asaba City

Asaba International Airport

Asaba city, the state capital and political capital of Delta is strategically located on a hill and overlooks the city of Onitsha across the Niger bridge. Asaba is a fast-developing urban area with a metropolitan population of over half a million people. The people of Asaba are hospitable people. Although Ibo is a major tribe in Delta state, several other tribes like Urhobo, Isoko, Ijaw, Hausa, Itsekiri and Yoruba among others can be found in Asaba. The city has one of the main airports in Nigeria which cost the Delta state government about 27.7 billion naira to construct. If you are looking to treat yourself to the latest box office movies, the Filmhouse Cinema in Asaba is your go to place. According to the map of delta state, this cinema is located along Okpanam road opposite the House of Assembly. The nightlife, fun hangouts and amusements spots make Asaba one of the fantastic places to live in Delta. The notable city boasts of some of the most luxurious hotels in Delta state. Otuogu beach, Lander Brothers Anchorage, Mungo Park house, Expatriate graveyard, Ogbeke square are important places to visit in Asaba.


4. Agbor City


Agbor City is one of the fascinating cities in Delta state. It is the pride of the Ika people, the inhabitants of the biggest local government in Delta State. The indigenes of Agbor are referred to as Delta Igbos. A good number of towns as well as major delta state local government areas are in Agbor. Food and commerce in Agbor rely solely on farming and fishing. the city can boast of surplus food and fish all year round. New Yam festival, Igue festival and Osiezi festival, are celebrated by the people of Agbor to showcase the various aspects of their culture. Patriarchal monarchy is a political system in Agbor, the traditional ruler is known as Eze or Obi.


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5. Abraka City


Abraka city is the main home of the Urhobo clan. The city is a favourite destination for domestic and international tourists. The Abraka beach is a famous attraction in the city. It is known for its natural flowing spring water and has sports recreational facilities for outdoor activities like fishing, picnicking and swimming to mention a few.ย  Other travel destinations in Abraka include Benbo Games Village, Gordon River resort and Abraka Turf and Country club. The prestigious Delta State University is situated in Abraka.

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6. Ughelli City

Terminal routes in Ughelli

Ughelli city is an oil-rich city located on the western side of River Niger and east of Warri in Delta State. It was originally an agricultural centre in Delta state before the discovery of crude oil. A power plant of up to 620 megawatts was inaugurated in 2017 in Ughelli. Shell activities of petroleum extraction occur in this vicinity. In this city, the monarchical system of government is still very much active. Ughelli city has an Ovie which is the traditional ruler. Although the city is fast developing, the indigenes still cling to some traditions and cultures. This is evident in the celebration of a yearly festival called ‘Omanuku.’ Urhobos are the major tribes found in this city.



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