Questions to ask real estate mentor

A real estate mentor is the secret to investing success.Why? Because you get to learn their mistakes, methods, and lessons about real estate. The truth is the greatest achievers in history had mentors to help them on their path to success. Every entrepreneur can benefit from the advice of a mentor but the problem is, we often waste their time by asking meaningless questions that don’t get to the heart of the issues we face as professionals in the real estate sector. Below are tailored questions to help guide you when discussing with your mentor about the real estate.


What do you wish you knew at my stage as a real estate agent/developer?

It is eye-opening to hear about the experiences  and the recommendations they would make so that you don’t make the same mistake in the real estate sector

Who would you recommend I connect with?

Making the most of your mentorship is extremely important, and expanding your network is quite vital in your professional development. So when speaking with your mentor, ask them who else you should contact to help you with your beginning experiences.

How can I work smarter as a real estate agent/developer?

Your mentor is there to assist your overall business. If they can help you learn how to work smarter and not always harder this will help you be both productive and increase your potential to be successful.


If you could do it all again, what would you do differently?

This question will open lines for sharing a number of stories and give you an opportunity to learn valuable lessons from their experiences.

What would you do if you were me?

Try to get the mentor in your shoes and see where it leads. They will see the business in a completely different light and they will be able to lead you through various methods that you didn’t even think about.

Am I being irrational?

Real estate agents or developers tend to sometimes get stuck in their own bubbles problems and ideas. A fresh pair of eyes that are not connected to the situation directly will tell you whether you on the right path or if you are headed the wrong way.


What were your biggest failures?

So many times people like asking their mentors what has made them successful but the truth is that you tend to get a more real answer when you ask about their failures and can have an honest conversation with your mentor.

How would you handle this situation?

Mentors are often times very busy. The best question to ask a mentor is a question that they solve right away.

What am I doing wrong as a real estate agent/developer?

Most people tend to become defensive but this question will save you from mistakes in the real estate sector.


Listening and keeping an open mind will help you learn effectively from your mentor. Don’t forget to share questions that helped you learn from your mentor in the comment section below.